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JUGAJE INFO N° 28  November 2053

JUGAJE INFO N° 28 - November 2015

Verona declaration
September 20, 2O15

In 2003, UNESCO, through its Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), recognised the central role of “communities, groups and individuals”, in the process of dissemination of the concept and practice of ICH.

For the first time ever, an international legally-binding instrument allowed States to build cultural policies to assert the fundamental right to cultural recognition. UNESCO wrote: “Traditional sports and games are part of our intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies”.

In 2006, UNESCO organised an international collective consultation, bringing together the main protagonists involved in the process of safeguarding and valuing traditional sports and games (TSG) to create an international platform for their promotion and development. This helped to create a TSG informal world network, bringing together local communities, experts, NGOs and national and international institutions.

In 2009, at a UNESCO meeting in Tehran, a group of experts and international NGOs decided to create the International Traditional Sports and Games Association (ITSGA), a formal organization representative of this TSG world network.

In parallel, in this synergy movement, many meetings and events have been organized. One of them is the big international festival of traditional games, TOCATI, created in 2OO3 at Verona, Italy. This annual meeting became, over the years, a major event for numerous local, national or international protagonists, young and old competitors, researchers, teachers, artists, politicians, etc.

In 2O15, as part of the large movement for recognition of ICH, and of those who organise traditional games and indigenous sports, the representatives of different national and international NGOs, attending the festival TOCATI, decided to pass to an additional level and to draft this “Verona Declaration” to be promoted worldwide.

This call aims to strongly recommend the introduction of traditional games and indigenous sports, which embody ICH, into school programmes, in order to be “an integral part of national strategies for development” (UNESCO).

This declaration aims at valuing, among others:

  • All protagonists dealing in creativity, development of self-confidence, environmental awareness and citizenship,
  • Cultural diversity and associated values,
  • The creation of structures valuing wellbeing and social health, involving the sharing and interaction between different generations, and the intercultural dialogue in general,
  • The knowledge and the local practices, memory of civilizations,
  • And more generally, links between transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage and sustainable development.


Signatory organisations: International Traditional Sports & Games Association, International ICH NGOs Forum, International Society of Eastern Sports & Physical Education, Asociación Panamericana de Juegos y Deportes Autóctonos y Tradicionales, Association Européenne des Jeux et sports traditionnels, FICEMEA – Fédération Internationale des CEMEA.

New teaching material:

Publication of the book Giochi di strada, from Dora Cirulli, by UniversItalia and the FIGeST - 270p 15€, Italian.
The Xerais editions published Enciclopedia de Brinquedos Tradicionais, the famous traditional toys encylopedia of Antón Cortizas, 1080p. Galician. On sale on amazon.


Alfa Editrice published S’Istrumpa, from Piero Frau, 1st manual of Sardinian wrestling style.
Tesz-Vesz published the video Sportjátékok Európában, from Istvan Bali. Contact:


The ADAL Asociación published its educational magazine.
www.apefadal.es info@apefadal.es
Suburbia Ediciones published Atles de los Bolos Asturianos, with the help of the Asturian Principality. Carlos Suari, 250p.


The Federation Cantabra de Bolos published the imposing book 50 Años de la Liga de Bolos, 1958 - 2008, 480p. Coordinator Fernando de la Torre. federacion@maderadeser.com


The Canarian government published Los Juegos y Deportes Tradicionales Canarios, school Program of Canaria for the TSG. 60p.
The Canarian government published No olvides lo nuestro (don’t forget our’s), school Program of Canaria for the TSG. 52p.


The Confederation VLaS published the last Number of its magazine TREND. Hein.Comeyne@vlas.be
The Chiron editions published Sport et bien-être relationnel, under the direction of Luc Collard and with Pierre Parlebas. 18€


The Presses Universitaires of Grenoble published Identités sportives et revendications régionales (19° & 20° siècles), 160p. 19,90€, French.
The editions l’Harmattan published Les jeux collectifs en Europe - direction of Laurent Fournier. - 29,45€. Book of acts of the 2011symposium organised on the games of cultural tradition in Nantes (France), by the Eurethno network.


The editions A Nosa Terra (to our earth) published Os Xoguetes Esquecidos, from López xosé and Xosé Manuel, 138p, Galician.


The association AGA Verona published A Paese che Gioca, from Vittorio Canisi. 70p.
Tradijoc, in collaboration with the government of Catalonia, published Tradijoc, direction Biel Pubill, 60p. gpubill@xtec.cat

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